Effortless luxury, sheer natural beauty and a fresh sea breeze in Mykonos

Mykonos has the perfect canvas for a luxurious holiday, with its pretty whitewashed buildings, colourful fishing villages, dazzling beaches and hypnotic, turquoise Aegean Sea, Then, add in unrivalled Greek hospitality, beach clubs that deliver on style and sunset views, and high octane water sports, and you begin to get an idea of the adventure that awaits on the island of Mykonos.

The very best five star hotels in Mykonos draw the tantalising landscape into their design, bringing restoration and that sense of peace that comes with immersion in nature and beauty. Like the enchanting waterfront villa at Kivotos Hotel and Villas, built in stone to blend seamlessly into the rock face. And the Myconian Avaton, perched in the hillside with panoramic views of the ocean beyond.

Explore neighbouring desert islets on your private yacht from the launch at Myconian Ambassador Thalasso Spa, where sundowners and siestas are the order of the day. Walk the charming, winding streets of Mykonos town, or slip into chic Aegean nights at Buddha Bar and Mykonos Social from Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton at Santa Marina Hotel.

Mykonos is Greek charm with cosmopolitan wrapping, the true jewel of the Aegean.